Upcoming IDO at CROWD Launchpad — CronosVerse: $VRSE Token

CronosVerse: The long-awaited $VRSE Token IDO is coming to CROWD Launchpad on 12th June 🚀 Get ready for one of the most expected launches at Cronos!

About CronosVerse?

The CronosVerse team is building a unique social metaverse ecosystem on the Cronos Blockchain. The backbone of this ecosystem is the CronosVerse game, which is a social MMORPG (massive multiplayer online role-playing game) that allows users to own lands and various digital assets.

The in-game experience will include a variety of marketplaces, such as NFT sales and sales of unique digital assets that can be used within The CronosVerse ecosystem. In addition, a hybrid of in-game and out-of-game features will include a digital asset marketplace where a variety of rare, utility driven in-game digital assets are purchased and sold as NFTs. Together, these assets create a beautiful and immersive online experience.

Key Components of The CronosVerse Ecosystem

Land Tile NFTs

Land Tile NFTs can be owned privately or publicly. Privately owned Land Tile NFT holders are referred to as Landowners. Public Land Tile NFTs will initially be owned and managed by The CronosVerse Project team but will eventually be owned by all members of The CronosVerse including, Landowners, Crovilian NFT holders, and the $VRSE token holders.

Crovilian NFTs

The Crovilians are the citizens of The CronosVerse ecosystem and will be available in Phase 3 of Road Map 1.0. The Crovilans will be available in generative collections and have various traits representing the many societal roles required in both the metaverse and in the physical world. These traits will include, but are not limited to, construction workers & tradespeople, business professionals, emergency responders, etc. While each Crovilian’s unique traits represent real life roles in our society, all Crovilians are created equal in terms of access to The CronosVerse.

$VRSE Token

The native currency of The CronosVerse ecosystem is the $VRSE token. The $VRSE token is a utility token built on the Cronos Blockchain. The token has two primary utilities; the first and most notable is that $VRSE will be used as the in-game currency when transacting in The CronosVerse. Users in-game will be able to incentivize their fellow Crovilians to create content, buy and sell in game assets, and pay their fellow Crovilians to complete tasks or access lands owned by other users (rent lands, private and public events).

Tokenomics of $VRSE

Total Supply: 100,000,000 $VRSE

Initial Supply: 16,400,000 $VRSE (Public Sale: 8,000,000 $VRSE, Initial Liquidity: 6,400,000 $VRSE, NFT Staking Rewards 2,000,000 $VRSE)

Additional Short-Term Supply (2 year): 23,600,000 $VRSE

Long Term Supply Years 3–9 (10m/year): 60,000,000 $VRSE

The CronosVerse ($VRSE) IDO Pre-Sale Details

ℹ️ Any wallet holding at least 5 $CRX can participate the pre-sale. Whitelisted wallets will not require any $CRX.

  • Launchpad URL: https://swap.crodex.app/#/ido
  • Start time: June 12, 6 pm UTC
  • End time: June 13, 6 pm UTC
  • Soft Cap: 250,000 $CRO
  • Hard Cap: 500,000 $CRO
  • For Sale: 8,000,000 $VRSE
  • Sale price: 0.0625 $CRO per $VRSE (1 CRO=16 VRSE)
  • Max Buy: 5000 $CRO per wallet (80,000 $VRSE)
  • Listing Price: 0.07 $CRO per $VRSE
  • Vesting period: 50% of the $VRSE will be unlocked immediately. 50% will be released on July 1th.

75% of the collected $CRO will be transferred to VRSE-CRO Liquidity Pool, opening VRSE tokens for public trade. The LP tokens will be locked on a verified token locking platform.

  • During $VRSE Pre-Sale:

Commit $CRO to get $VRSE tokens on CROWD.

  • After $VRSE Pre-Sale:

Claim your $VRSE tokens on CROWD.
$VRSE will be tradable immediately upon completion of the pre-sale phase.


Crodex is a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on Cronos.

Crodex works with the same automated market-making (AMM) model as Uniswap which is a game changing tech. Automated market makers allow digital assets to be traded without permission and automatically by using liquidity pools instead of a traditional market of buyers and sellers.

Crodex features a native governance token called $CRX.



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