Upcoming IDO at CROWD Launchpad — MarbleVerse: ROLLIUM Token

MarbleVerse: ROLLIUM ($RLM) IDO is coming to CROWD Launchpad on 2nd April 🚀

What is MarbleVerse?

MarbleVerse is a unique kind of MetaVerse about marble races, earning bounties and having fun. By joining MarbleVerse, players will be able to join periodic and special race events, create custom racing tracks, organize special races, trade their marbles and receive special rewards.

What is ROLLIUM ($RLM)?

ROLLIUM is the native currency of the MarbleVerse. Everything in the MarbleVerse will either require or reward ROLLIUM.

Use Cases of ROLLIUM

Upgrading Marble NFT: Increasing marble level will allow marbles to be able to participate more Marble races and earn more prices. Also some races will have minimum marble level requirement so upgrading marbles to a decent level will greatly boost their earning.

Join Special Events: Most of the races will be free to join in MarbleVerse. These races will reward ROLLIUM tokens. And then there will be special event races that will have huge reward like CRO or NFT. Joining this special races will require ROLLIUM.

Marble Customization: Each marble is unique of its own. But unlocking some customization will make your marbles pop-off from the crown. Special trails effects, unique marble naming, crazy accessories, custom victory & defeat effects. All those cool stuff will be purchased with ROLLIUM.

Organizing Custom Races: Everyone will be able to organize custom race events in MarbleVerse. Event organizers will be able to customize the racing track so some unique interactions will be possible, like marketing a new project or celebrating your big win with a cool race with your name. For marketing or for fun, organizing custom races will require some ROLLIUM.

2nd Gen: After all the marbles are minted and new players are popping up & unable to find any marble to play with, 2nd generation of marbles will available. They will be only minted using ROLLIUM.

Governance: Almost all big decisions will be consulted with the community with a polling system. Holding more tokens will give you more power to navigate the project to the direction you seem fit.

Tokenomics of ROLLIUM

50% Play To Earn: Those tokens will be unlocked over a 5 year time period to reward players. This is the “Earn” part of the Play-to-Earn.

6% Private Sale: It takes a lot of time and effort to develop & market a game. The funds obtained from our private presale will give a kick-start capital for the project. These tokens are also vested and will be released over a period of 6 months.

12% Initial Coin Offering: Providing liquidity for the upcoming game, 12M Rollium will be offered on CRODEX’s CROWD Launchpad, and 90% of collected CRO will be transferred to the Liquidity Pool.

9% DEX Liquidity: Will be used on Liquidity Pool.

12% Developer Share: Developer share is vested for 2 years and will only be used for big roadmap iterations which will move the project to the next level.

3% Marketing & 7% Collaborations: Will only be used on big advancements like entering CEXes or for big partnerships.

1% Advisors & Community Managers: For those who help our community grow.

100,000,000 Max Supply: Only 100M Rollium will ever exist. As players spend Rollium in-game, those Rolliums will go to the P2E pool, stored for future rewards. By keeping the P2E pool in check, we will be able to balance tokens supply & demand. Rollium rewarding and spending deserves a post on its own, so stay tuned for even more information on this.

90% of the IDO goes to LP: We funded our project from our Private Sale, so we will put almost all of the IDO funds to our Liquidity Pool, as a bigger LP means we will launch with a stable and easily tradable token. LP tokens will also be locked for 2 years to show our confidence in this project.

ROLLIUM ($RLM) IDO Pre-Sale Details

ℹ️ Any wallet holding at least 2 $CRX can participate the pre-sale. Whitelisted wallets will not require any $CRX.

  • Launchpad URL: https://swap.crodex.app/#/ido
  • Start time: April 2, 7 pm UTC
  • End time: April 4, 7 pm UTC
  • Soft Cap: 200,000 $CRO
  • Hard Cap: 420,000 $CRO
  • For Sale: 12,000,000 $RLM
  • Sale price: 0.035 $CRO per $RLM
  • Max Buy: 20,000 $CRO per wallet
  • Listing Price: 0.042 $CRO per $RLM
  • Vesting period: 25% of the $RLM will be unlocked immediately. 75% will be released over 5 months.

90% of the collected $CRO will be transferred to RLM-CRO Liquidity Pool, opening ROLLIUM tokens for public trade. The LP tokens will be locked on a verified token locking platform.

🔮 During $RLM Pre-Sale:

Commit $CRO to get $RLM tokens on https://swap.crodex.app/#/ido

🔮 After $RLM Pre-Sale:

Claim your $RLM tokens on https://swap.crodex.app/#/ido. $RLM will be tradable immediately upon completion of the pre-sale phase.


Crodex is a decentralized exchange (DEX), providing liquidity and enabling peer-to-peer transactions on Cronos.

Crodex works with the same automated market-making (AMM) model as Uniswap which is a game changing tech. Automated market makers allow digital assets to be traded without permission and automatically by using liquidity pools instead of a traditional market of buyers and sellers.

Crodex features a native governance token called $CRX.

Official CRODEX Channels

Website: https://crodex.app
Twitter: https://twitter.com/crodexapp
Telegram: https://t.me/crodexofficial
Discord: https://discord.gg/xSCzBRYGy4



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